About Us

Who is Green Apple? Green Apple is a brand new environmentally conscious painting company based in the Halifax, Nova Scotia area. We were officially formed in 2015 and was created out a desire to provide eco-friendly options to people who care about their health, their living space and the environment. We strongly believe in recycle & reuse, supporting local business, eating local, and all around healthy, clean living.

Green Apple Painting Our Commitment Trust is the most important factor in a relationship between a business and its clientele, if that is not present, the relationship is not going to work. That's why all of our staff go through criminal background checks to ensure we all know who is who. When it comes to liability, our team is covered by workers' compensation and current commercial liability insurance. Copies of these documents are all made available to you, our client, for review when you receive our estimate bid package for your project.

Our Responsibility We only have one planet like the one in the adjacent picture. It's our duty as protectors and stewards of Mother Earth, her plants and animals, to ensure that she is well taken care of and in good hands. In light of this, we have selected to solely use non-voc and low-voc paints and employ a strict recycle/reuse policy of the materials in our daily use.

Selected Paints We have two avenues that we offer our clientele, Low-Voc and Zero-Voc coverings. We primarily use Dulux paints for our Low-Voc paint selection and Benjamin Moore for our Zero-Voc paint line. These two companies are top-notch operations and have a huge selection of paints. as well as a number of interative tools you can use to help you decide on your colour scheme.