Colour your Space!

Colour schemes Colour schemes Deciding on a colour scheme for your space can be a challenging task on the onset, but in reality isn't that difficult. Thankfully, through a lot of practice and studying throughout the centuries, artists have made this job a whole lot easier for the rest of us by developing what is know as color theory.

Color theory allows you to match up colors using a number of techniques in a way that the colors you choose relate to one another and make sense being used with one another. You can check out some basic colour information in Green Apple's Core Blog first blog entry.

Designing your colour scheme can be a really fun exercise, especially with some of the new interactive online tools (see links below) that you can use to virtually create your colour scheme and paint your room well before you open your wallet or make any final decisions.

Cool tools! The following list below has some really neat interactive tools that you can use to play around with colour!

Colour selection methods Colour selection There are a number of handy conventional and high tech tools to help you decide on your colour scheme. Fan decks like the one in the image on the left are a really nice way of fitting colours together. Colour fan decks are already designed with colour theory in mind, so most of the hard work of creating your colour scheme can be eliminated by selecting an already made scheme. Most paint and hardware stores carry these for you to either buy or take home for free.