Services Offered

EMF Radiation Shielding EMF Radiation Shielding Electro Magnetic Field or EMF pollution as it is better known, is no joke. We know that radiation causes cancer as well as many other problems right down to mere sleep disorders. Smart meters, cell towers, wifi, and cordless phones deliver huge amounts of radiation outwardly unbeknownst to most of the general public. Green Apple has a technical staff who can deliver a free assessment of your home. Our most popular service currently is bedroom shielding. This makes sense because this is the place where our bodies come to heal. Putting up a shield to prevent EMF pollution from coming into your sanctuary while you are sleeping. Get your free assessment for your home today.

Office Repaints & Whiteboards Office Repaints & Whiteboards Office need a breath of fresh air? No problem! We can repaint your office in no time and if so desired, we can do the work at night and on the weekends as to not disturb your business' day to day activities. We also do custom whiteboards!

Residential Interior Painting Residential Interior Repaints Our eco-friendly interior painting service begins with you reaching out to us for a free estimate. We walk through the areas in question with you to determine what needs to be worked on and what doesn't. We then take a few measurements which will feed into your estimate. An estimate bid package is created and dropped off and/or emailed to you if so desired. If you decide to go ahead with the work, we sign the contract and schedule the work to begin.

Exterior Painting Services Exterior Painting Services We also offer exterior painting services. We take this task to a whole new level in the ways of preparation and execution of a project...we aim to protect your property using the best products and application techniques.

Commercial Equipment Refurbish Services Commercial Equipment Refurbish Services Our skill set here at Green Apple is quite unique. Not only do we do the regular type of painting, but we also have a service that brings new life to old commercial equipment and structures. Protect your investments, increase their value and prolong their lifetime, all at the same time. For food related businesses, we provide a unique incidental food contact coating, tintable to most colours.

Graffiti Removal/Prevention Services Let's face it, graffiti on the side of your house or place of business is not a pretty thing to look at day in day out. A protective coating applied to a fresh coat of paint or recently removed patch of graffiti can really go along way in prevention. Ask if this can be applied to your graffiti problem.

Deck & Fence Staining Services Deck & Fence Staining Services You have to protect your deck investment with a good couple of coats of a protective stain every couple of years if you want it to last a longtime. First we begin by sanding off any old stains still present, then we clean the surfaces and then apply a couple of fresh coats of your chosen deck stain. Call us, use the estimate request form on our home page or send us email with a quote request today.

Anti-Slip services Our Anti-Slip Service allows us to cover known slippery areas with a special waterborne low-voc pedestrian grade anti-slip compound that will give you peace of mind when it comes to slips and falls in known dangerous locations.

We can work with you and design your own custom pattern, we can use your existing corporate logo, or use one of our pre-made patterns for your project.
Some ideas We can cover a wide range of surface types including wood, painted/stained wood, concrete, painted concrete, metal, painted metal, and asphalt.

  • stairs
  • ramps
  • walkways
  • driveways
  • floors
  • entryways

Available colours include black, grey, red, and caution yellow.

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