Below is a carousel slideshow of some the work we have done.

Dartmouth - Exterior Home Paint - Summer 2016

Front of home

Front of home - right

Rear of home

Left side peak

Rear of home - New paint

Rear of home - New paint

Cutting in on left side of home

Deck stained with solid colour from FloodPro

More cutting in on left side of home

Rear of home - deck staining 1st coat

House completed - Lots of fun on this one!

Dartmouth project teamed with Earth Choice Painting Summer 2016

Left side of home

Front of home

Right side of home

Exterior home repaint Summer 2016 - Bedford, NS

Extensive wear & tear in the back of the home

Extensive wear & tear in front and on the left side

Prep work on the left side of home

Painted right side of home

Painted back side of home

Painted front side of home

East Coast Bakery Design on Quinpool Rd. Spring 2016

A rusted and filthy Hobart Mixer about to get a new lease on life.

Rust removed and cleaning started

Ready to spray using a food grade protective coating.

Ready to spray Coke Refridgerator, Bagel Machine & Hobart Mixer

Bagel Machine masked and ready for painting

New HVLP spray gun for the project

Coke fridge ready for paint

Selected paint colour

Second coat just applied, 2 more to go

After 4th coat

Bagel machine & Coke fridge after 4th coat

Hobart Mixer and wall pattern

Wall pattern start by window

Random wall pattern

Finally got the Hobart replacement sticker!!!

Misc. Work

Spraying table bottoms for a new restaurant in Halifax

Physio Clinic Prep. Work

Physio Clinic Complete

Deck prepped

Deck complete using FloodPro Solid Stain

Room prepped

Anti-Slip Floor - Janitor's Room

Airless Spraying Doors

Living Room 1 Complete

Living Room 2 prepped

Ladder Fun!

Den Complete

Bedroom Complete

Livingroom Complete

Spray prep.

Ceiling Spray prep.1 - Masking Film up to ceilings

Ceiling Spray prep.2 - Masking Film up to ceilings

Exterior Prep. Complete

Exterior Complete